Friday, May 4, 2012

Durable tips in bed
You want to enjoy long lasting sex life?

How to add size, strength and stamina for the erection? Of course this is so the questions went on and on for men. There are endless treatment, various drugs are also tools that claim to be able to help pump out the volume. In addition, several different solutions by using a technique holding water are also offered.

But in reality, we are blessed with whatever God has given us. So we all should try to maximize what we already have. Here we provide some realistic tips below, where there are some businesses that you must do in order to get maximum erection. The following tips can be easy when you flirt flirt, and be ready to have sex. With the proper treatment of Mr P can perform exploration, and you do not just be a man who can do \ 'movement at all. \'

Foods that are Good

Grow a massive erection is a problem for your body. Hormon blood and nutrients that are useful to interpret. So, good nutrition is the key to get sex double. Carbohydrates,  to build the energy beam, which is essential. Our sexual needs and a variety of carbohydrate foods of this type. Pasta and bread are full of carbohydrates. You also need to take iron every day. Iron is a vital ingredient in testosterone, seminal fluid and sperm. You can find the source of this mineral from seafood, peas and beans. Or for more practical you can buy an iron supplement.

Avoid overeating prior to sex. If you are having dinner together, do not eat a diet of meat and drinking wine plus dessert, at least if you plan to have sex after dinner.  eat food an hour before sex so that the digestive process works perfectly.

The Right Position

Position in sexual intercourse where the man is on top - like the missionary position and doggy style - give an advantage over the man, because this position gives stimulate blood flow and erection of durable and strong. So do not do the position where the woman on top sexual intercourse at the beginning of the session. Will issue its gravitational tug of the blood flow your erections. The position of women above also makes controlling the movement, so well and this could make him lose control better the penetration.

In order to decrease the sensitivity of Durable

Classical way to reduce excess sensitivity is to use a condom. But if you do not want to use a condom when having sex with a partner, you can try another way. Occasionally remove the penis from Ms V when you feel will reach a climax. This trick is useful to take your mind to avoid premature too early, but did not reduce the strength of an erection.

Who's Your Set Undergo Treatment

Treatments for some diseases such as depressed, social phobia, OCD, and anxiety when they are used by dokter. however, this kind of treatment can lead to erectile difficulties. If you are taking such medication, consult with your doctor to make sure you do not have excessive prescription, which resulted in the death of your sex life.

Save Power

Do not make yourself exhausted at the beginning of the session during intercourse. Too tired  early can lead to erectile gone soft. So measure your power bats.

No Need Nervous

Too anxious and nervous can actually make your erections become soft. But unfortunately, sex is often associated with disturbing results, if it is associated with negative body image. Like when you first had sexual intercourse with a partner, of course you are haunted by anxiety. Should find ways to make yourself feel good if you feel nervous when going dihinggapai sexual intercourse.


Perform abdominal exercises. This movement has contributed to the abdominal muscles help you maintain an erection. In addition, with good posture, your confidence is growing. Selian abdominal exercises, you can also do Kegel exercises to Mr P. Although it is not shown to increase in size, but it can help maintain an erection lasts longer.

Do not Smoke And Drink Alcoholic Excess

Smoking makes the blood circulation so bad, and when you want to have sex, much needed blood flow. So if you want a sex life that is always hot, it's a good reason to stop smoking. Drinking too much alcohol also affect your prostate.

Whatever the recipe, actually a healthy lifestyle will also provide tremendous capability in your sexual life.

You have to enjoy it from now on.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TIPS FOR CHOOSING Facial Moisturizer
 Basically, the selection of skin care products like moisturizers should be tailored to each skin type. So, before choosing a moisturizer you should really know and understand your skin type, whether normal, oily or dry.

After identifying the skin type, also note the quality of skincare products, both in terms of material performance also work in caring for your skin. For a moisturizer, for example, its function is to keep the skin moist all day during the move. So make sure your moisturizer of your choice with the optimal can moisturise to prevent dehydration of the skin. When choosing a moisturizer, look at a number of factors:

A. Research-based.
One way to recognize the quality of the product is to find out whether the product has passed the testing stage. The extent of moisturizing products can enhance the benefits and maximize the results, it can be seen from the proof through a variety of experiments conducted.

When choosing a moisturizer, you can find out if the product has passed through many trials and experiments to prove the extent of its effectiveness. Simply, select a skin care product that has a specific research base. You can find this information from the various reviews of these products through various media.

2. Effectiveness.
To choose the right moisturizer, there are a number of factors to consider related to the workings of the product. The technology behind the product moisture also affect the outcome. For a moisturizer, it is important to note the extent to which technology is used to maximize the moisturizing function of distributing water evenly to the entire layer of skin cells.

Moisturizer that has a maximum performance in skin care increasingly becomes a necessity. i Research conducted at Beiersdorf, the need is increasingly shifting skincare skincare just need to clean and moisturize the skin, skincare is now a need for not just functionality but also pay attention to see more value or effectiveness of these skincare products in skin care.

3. Type, cream or lotion.
In addition to the workings of the product, use a moisturizer that is tailored to the external conditions is also another factor to consider in skin care. About this for a humid climate such as in air-conditioned room, you should choose a moisturizer with a good absorption rate. That is a moisturizer with a material that when in contact with the skin causing a sense of comfort to the user.

"For skin that tends to dry, because it is air-conditioned room, choose a moisturizing cream containing a little oil. As for those who frequently move out of space, and sweating, select the type of moisturizing lotion that is more watering. For the hairless area of ​​skin also you should not use a moisturizing cream, but select the type of lotion, "
To find out if you use a moisturizing product has successfully treated skin become healthier, recognize the signs. A simple sign that shows your skin healthy in between, the skin looks more radiant, not cracked and you feel the sensation on the skin moist. If you have not found these marks on your skin, a moisturizer that you may select and use skin care is not maximized. In addition to unhealthy skin is also influenced by diet and lifestyle, including stress, exposure to ultraviolet rays and weather factors that affect your skin condition.
Well hopefully useful tips on choosing a moisturizer for you

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The findings showed scientists in Mexico, the avocado has the potential to be a natural weapon against the aging process and chronic diseases. Oil contained in fruits are proven to fight harmful free radicals, or molecules which allegedly responsible for causing the aging process, heart disease and cancer.

Said the researchers, who made a special avocado oil content which is specifically able to penetrate into the mitochondria, an important part of the functioning of body cells convert food into energy. Many antioxidants contained in fruits and vegetables such as carrots or tomatoes are also able to block the free radicals - but unable to penetrate into the mitochondria.

'The problem is that the antioxidants in the other ingredients do not penetrate into the mitochondria. As a result, free radicals continue to damage the mitochondria, leading to energy production stops and the cells were dying to death. The analogy that during the oil spill (at sea), if we just clean up oil spills rather than repair the perforation, then the oil will continue to be spilled, and the fish will die, "said researchers from the University Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo, Mexico, Christian Cortes-Rojo, who presented his findings in the annual conference of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Free radicals are unstable is a natural waste product of metabolic processes that number could rise sharply in the body due to various factors such as air pollution, smoking and radiation. These free radicals can create a catastrophe in the body by triggering a chain reaction that destroys the cell membranes, proteins and even DNA. This phenomenon is one of the main triggers the aging process and is believed to play a major role in destroying the arteries and cancer.

In laboratory studies, researchers found that avocado oil can apparently make yeast cells to survive exposure to high concentrations of iron that is an element that can produce high amounts of free radicals.

"We need to investigate further whether we found in yeast also occur in higher organisms such as humans," said Cort├ęs-Rojo.

Avocado oil has a composition similar to olive oil or olive oil. Oil consumption is also associated with lower previous cases of chronic disease in some Mediterranean countries and the Mr-Rojo Cortes confirmed this finding could lead avocado as 'the olive oil of the Americas'.

Previous research conducted in Mexico, which is the largest producer of avocado country, showed that the avocado can reduce blood cholesterol levels and some fat associated with diabetes.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tips alleviate depression
Be careful with depression, let it be too long in making the disease

If you are currently plagued by stress and depression, there is no harm in trying a cheap solution to this one. Walk regularly in the morning, while breathing fresh air!
Yes, some light exercise like walking may help reduce symptoms of depression. This is the conclusion of a recent study by scientists from the University of Stirling in Scotland.

As is known, regular exercise, especially that done in an active and energetic shown to assist patients in reducing symptoms of depression. However, the benefits of light activity for the recovery of depression remains unclear.

A recent study published in the journal Mental and Physical Activity suggests, walk proved to have great benefits for the recovery of depressive symptoms.

Researchers revealed that one in 10 people may have experienced depression at some point in their lives. This condition can be overcome by using drugs, but most doctors generally advise to exercise when experiencing symptoms of mild depression.

The researcher explained, walking is an effective intervention to treat depression and effect is the same when a person commits an energetic workout.

"Walking has the advantage of being easily performed by most people because it does not cost the sakali and relatively easy to apply in daily life activities," said Professor Adrian Taylor of the University of Exeter, who was not involved in the study.

However, Taylor reminded the need for more research on the benefits of walking. Because there are still many questions about how long it should run, how fast and whether it is running must be done indoors or outdoors.

"The beauty of walking is that anyone can do it. Walking has benefits for mental health conditions such as depression," said Taylor, who had been the focus of studying the effect of exercise on depression, addiction and stress of the University of Exeter.

How exercise can help to overcome depression remains unclear. However, Taylor said, may exercise can be a distraction from feelings of anxiety or worry, give a sense of control and release of hormones that give a sense of tranquility.

"It's important to find the type of exercise you enjoy doing. Try different things, such as walking, bicycling, gardening," continued Paul Farmer, of a social organization that cares about mental health.

"Exercising with others can have a greater impact, as it provides us an opportunity to strengthen social networks. So invite a friend to join you,"

immediately remove the problems you see with many others, and an important read AL QURAN verses and their meanings will help treat your soul is tangled

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tips ... if you are constipated
You constipation or difficult bowel issue? probably because the food you eat, the less fiber, less fat and contains nutrients

Constipation or constipation are often referred to abnormalities in the digestive system in which an experienced hardening of stools or excessive stool making it difficult to be disposed of or removed and can cause great pain to the sufferer.

Many things that trigger constipation, among others, lack of body fluids or dehydration, stress or depression and dense enough activity, the influence of hormones in the body (such as menstruation), anatomical abnormalities of the digestive system, and lifestyle and diet are less regular ( such as poor diet).

Food has become one of the largest originators of constipation actor. There are some popular foods you should avoid if you want a lot of constipation, as quoted Healthmeup following:

A. Processed foods: Whether it is a frozen food or a burger and pizza, this food will make your morning was difficult, especially when it comes to bowel movements. In some preserved foods and ready meals, essential nutrients contained in food is lost. Processed foods have little fiber, and if the food is consumed continuously and in the long term it will make uncomfortable digestive system.

2. Biscuits: Biscuits are foods high in sugar and fat. These foods may be more delicious if served along with tea or coffee, but the fiber content is very less. Sugar can lead to deposition of fat in your thighs, but can also cause constipation. To fix this, preferably balanced with fiber intake, can of fruit or vegetables.

3. Red meat: If you consume goat meat or beef on a regular basis, without the vegetables, you may be at risk for constipation. Get used to include a salad or vegetables when you plan to eat meat. Remember, the human body takes 90 hours to digest some of the meat.

4. Caffeine: Drinking coffee is needed to drive the spirit and started its activity in the morning. But you need to know that the caffeine content of coffee can lead to dehydration in the human body, while the dehydration itself is one of the main causes of constipation. If you are addicted to caffeine, it is better to reduce and supplement it with a fiber-rich foods.

5. Oily foods: chips and fast food is indeed very tempting even to those who are determined to adopt a healthy diet. But foods high in oil and salt can lead you to a higher risk of several digestive health problems, especially when you enter the transition from the age of 20 to 30's. Foods that are fried and soaked in oil as fries can slow the digestive process. But not to worry, you can fight your addiction to ensure adequate drinking water and eating vegetables before or after.

6. Dairy products: The content of saturated fat and fiber components are almost no reason why dairy products into the food that you should be aware of. If you have constipation, you should avoid to eat cheese and dairy from your breakfast and replace it with oatmeal or yogurt.

Now you already know the food causes constipation, hindarilahmakanan cause constipation, for the health of the health Andaemi Andamakanan cause constipation, avoid for the sake of your health

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tips before using BB Cream

1. Select the BB cream according to skin type and needs. Lots of choice of BB cream for every skin type and is essential for googling and read the opinions of people from the wrong choice. Read the reviews carefully, especially given the reviews of users in Indonesia.My advice: if not frequently outdoors then choose who SPF not too high, when the oily skin do not choose the BB cream formulated for dry skin and vice versa, it is important that the results of the BB cream is visible.
2. Selective in choosing colors. BB cream is unfortunate that most do not have a lot of color choices, which have so far only a few color options include Missha Perfect cover, the rest have only ONE color, so it's better for dark-skinned, should be more careful in choosing the color of the skin color should not be different from your skin. Sometimes I like to apply bronzer / powder on BB cream to color the same as the neck.
3. Build up your coverage. When it starts to make up, do not immediately use BB Cream a lot in advance, the results are not going well. Wrote first thin then add a little bit until the desired thickness. Starting from the cheek> forehead> nose> Jaws> Blend all up to the neck. It is recommended anyway to use a brush or sponge yes.
4. Patience. based on experience, the color of BB cream would be perfect after 20 minutes or more, up  BB cream I rarely straight out of the house, I WAIT first minimum of 20 minutes (while getting ready, etc.) because after the sink, so it adds a nice color, fitting start using that to  somewhat light skin (especially brands that only have one choice of color) and white so pervasive to wait until a natural outcome.
5. Clean it up. Yes indeed that the BB cream is also drug to the skin and there are some people who sleep still using BB cream on her face, but I do not recommend this, it must be cleaned before bedtime, because it is better to rest the skin and pores in a clean condition.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Wrinkles is a nightmare for mothers who could be said to have reached middle age. Although now there are ways to cope with the facial plastic surgery, but not everyone can afford . In addition to expensive, also because of the difficulty of ensuring the safety level which is now often heard in print and electronic media about plastic surgery malpractice. In addition we can also prevent wrinkles accelerated by consuming lots of fruit - fruit and vegetables to taste.

Therefore, through
this occasion I will share tips for those of you who want to eliminate the wrinkles on your face in a traditional and inexpensive. In this case the materials we need is a chicken egg and the traditional coconut oil (not  or the like) to taste.

The use of
Method: Separate the egg yolks from the whites and mix with coconut oil as much as 1/2 tsp. Further stirring until completely - completely evenly. After that apply on the face as you use a face mask. Leave for 10-15 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Then apply the remaining egg whites (no mixed with coconut oil) in such a way that the first face and leave on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Do quite a week.

Herb yolk serves to loosen the skin of our face so that it can slow the onset of wrinkles on the face. While we apply the egg whites then serves to tighten the skin due to high protein content.